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Our firm has recovered more than $100 million dollars for homeowners, community associations, the owners of commercial buildings, the Santa Rosa Junior College and school districts for construction defect claims. Many of our attorneys have been formally recognized to be among the Best Lawyers in America and they have been acknowledged by their peers to be among the Super Lawyers of Northern California. Our firm has the highest possible rating by the only national rating service.

We are aggressive and compassionate advocates for our clients. We understand the importance of your home. We believe that faulty construction is unacceptable and we have a proven record of success in solving the problems created by construction defects. We have handled virtually every kind of construction defect case. We are experienced at solving problems created by leak damage, toxic mold damage, wood rot, decks, balconies, and walkway issues, soils and foundation movement, drainage and ponding water, fire and earthquake safety issues and many other construction defect problems.

We have extensive experience representing owners of virtually every kind of building with regard to every type of construction defect. We have prosecuted claims against contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, material manufacturers, material suppliers, building inspectors, insurance companies and virtually every other typical participant in the construction process.

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The following are areas of law in which we have proven to provide exemplary representation:
Leak Damage Water issues can result from a number of factors including improper design, manufacturing and construction. More »
Soils, Subsidence and Foundation Movement Construction defects are not limited to buildings or structures. Some of the most significant construction claims relate to soil or foundation movement and landslides.More »
Drainage and Ponding Water Good site drainage in an essential part of a functional residential or commercial structure. For example, good site grading and drainage should effectively remove surface water away from the structure. More »
Mold Damage Poor weatherization or defective construction can lead to water intrusion into a residential or commercial structure, which encourages the growth of mold. More »
Fire and Earthquake Safety Issues Fire, earthquake and structural defects can raise serious health safety issues.More »
Decks, Balconies and Walkways Improperly designed and/or constructed decks, balconies and walkways can not only lead to water intrusion into the exterior walls of a residential or commercial structure, it can also lead to a health safety hazard by undermining the strength and integrity of the deck, balcony or walkway. More »
Defective Construction Products In a very real sense, every residential or commercial structure is a composite of a wide variety of construction products.More »
Toxic Substances Toxic concentrations of lead in paint, water and other building components and/or ground water contamination from various environmental hazards can constitute a safety hazard and can also substantially diminish the value of a structure.More »
Condensation Building products and techniques have advanced to the point where a residential or commercial construction can almost literally be "airtight". More »
Asphalt Failure of asphalt driveways, roadways, parking lots and other surfaces can seem obvious, but the cause is often more subtle. More »
Paint and Caulking Defective paint products or the improper application of paint products can lead to a wide variety of exterior and interior defects. More »
Noise The Building Codes and good construction practices require reasonable protection against noise intrusion into the occupied spaces of a structure. Inadequate noise protection can severely impair the peaceful and productive enjoyment of a house or commercial building. More »
Plumbing and Tile Plumbing leaks or leaks at plumbing to tile junctures such as shower drains can cause serious structural damage.More »
Electrical Improperly installed electrical products can cause serious fire hazzards and can impair the use and enjoyment of a structure.More »
HVAC Heating and/or air conditioning problems can reduce the comfort or productivity of a home or commercial structure. More »
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