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During our many years of experience representing seriously injured persons and their families, we have developed expertise in understanding and presenting cases involving the most serious forms of personal injury. In all of the following areas, we have worked with an extensive array of medical, occupational and economic consultants to present the full impact of the injury to the responsible insurance company or to a jury.

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Brain Damage Our lawyers understand that brain damage arising from a traumatic occurrence can have subtle, unexpected and devastating effects on both the injured person and his entire family. We work with qualified experts to evaluate the extent of those injuries and their impact on the victim and his family going forward. More »
Spinal Cord Injuries Our personal injury attorneys have represented persons experiencing all nature of spinal cord injuries, including catastrophic injuries resulting in complete and partial paralysis. Our expert witnesses and consultants help us demonstrate to a jury the compensation which will be needed to adapt the victim's environment to his special needs, replace his earning capacity, and compensate for the intangible, human costs arising from the spinal cord injury. More »
Severe Burn Injuries We have represented persons who have experienced severe burn injuries in motor vehicle fires, manufactured housing fires and residential fires. We understand the complex and long-term catastrophic injuries that result from burns and the need for repeated and expensive surgical treatment over long periods of time. More »
Loss of Limb Injuries

The loss of a limb dramatically alters the life of the catastrophic injury victim. We work with occupational and economic consultants to demonstrate the personal and financial impact of those injuries on our clients. More »

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