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Water Damage Disputes

Water issues can result from a number of factors including improper design, manufacturing and construction. These issues may result in damage to the internal structural framing of residential and commercial structures. Water leaks can be a nightmare to deal with, especially if the leakage is not caught in time and the root cause of the leak goes undetected. This means the leak damage could be quite severe by the time it is visible to a person. Leaks can occur on the exterior and interior of a building. Exterior leaks can typically occur at the roof, walls, windows, doors, vents, decks and balconies. Interior leaks can result from the plumbing, shower drains, doors and enclosures, water heaters and toilets.

Damage control is the first challenge after you have discovered water intrusion. The leak must be stopped. Safety issues such as toxic mold must be immediately addressed. Plans for permanent reconstruction must be prepared and then an experienced reconstruction contractor engaged to perform the necessary work. Meanwhile, consequential damages must be considered. Consequential damages can include relocation to alternate premises, loss of use of the defective premises and, if the defective premises includes commercial enterprises, the loss of profits and related losses.

Our firm has vast experience litigating virtually every conceivable kind of water intrusion problem in virtually every conceivable kind of structure. We have litigated leaks and resulting damage in hundreds and hundreds of residential, commercial and school district buildings.
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