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Drainage and Ponding Water

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Housing Defects Due to Water

Good site drainage in an essential part of a functional residential or commercial structure. For example, good site grading and drainage should effectively remove surface water away from the structure. Building codes require certain minimum drainage slopes away from the structure. These slopes, if properly graded, can be altered by subsequent landscaping which can interfere with the drainage design. Inadequate drainage can cause the following typical problems:

Possible Damage:

  • Soil settlement or heave
  • Concrete flatwork movement and distress
  • Asphalt pavement movement and distress
  • Building foundation movement and distress
  • Water intrusion into buildings through thresholds, basement window wells, or basement walls
  • Mold, fungus and rotted building materials
  • Corrosion of metal construction materials such as foundation cables, anchor bolts and structural steel framing members

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