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Fire and Earthquake Safety Issues

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California Earthquake Building Code Compliance

Fire, earthquake and structural defects can raise serious health safety issues. Owners of residential and commercial buildings are required to disclose these defects on sale or refinance and these disclosures can have a significant adverse effect upon such transactions. Building codes, as well as good design and construction practices, require that every residential, commercial or governmental structure meet minimum requirements for fire, earthquake and structural safety. For many years our construction defect attorneys have worked with architects, engineers and building inspectors to determine whether a particular structure meets minimum safety standards and, if not, to design and implement an appropriate and safe repair.

Fire safety issues can include electrical defects, inadequate fire separation walls, inadequate or defective sprinkler systems and inadequate and improper ingress and egress accommodations. If you suspect that you may have a fire, earthquake or structural safety issue, please contact the law firm of Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren & Emery for a free initial consultation.

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