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Our civil rights and liberties must never be taken for granted. They must be maintained, exercised, and at times fought for.

Oftentimes civil rights claims result from a violation by a private party or government entity of an individual’s constitutional rights. These violations include wrongful seizure and excessive force by peace officers, retaliation from freedom of speech, and discrimination based on race, age, religion, gender, and disability. These are just some of the offenses guarded against by the constitution of the United States.

Many civil rights lawyers work specifically in the sphere of law that falls under the First Amendment – the freedom of religion, speech, and assembly and the Fourteenth Amendment – the freedom of life, liberty, and property. Civil rights are the foundation and strength of the American citizen and the protection of one individual is the protection of all.

You have the right to equal protection under the law and when these rights are violated, you have a right to restitution.

  • Prisoner Neglect
  • Violations of Rights
  • Excessive Force

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Our civil rights attorneys have a shared commitment to the protection and conservation of justice by legal means. Connect with the expert Sonoma county legal team at Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren, & Emery if you feel your civil rights or liberties have been violated, negated, or denied.

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