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More often than not, personal injuries establish repercussions that are felt long after they occur. Lifelong physical and financial burden deserves fair and just compensation.

Personal injury law permits a private party to file a lawsuit against another individual or enterprise/business that they believe is responsible for an injury or accident resulting from misconduct or gross negligence. At first, an injury may not appear to premise a lawsuit but usually carries with it long-lasting physical, financial, and emotional strain.

In the tragic event of a wrongful death caused by negligence or carelessness, it is essential that legal action is sought as soon as possible. While these times are incredibly difficult for grieving loved ones, it is important to see that the survivors receive the justice and compensation they are entitled to. Eligible damages cover more than medical or funeral expenses. Loss of primary family income and spousal companionship as well as other damages must be considered.

During our many years of experience representing seriously injured persons and their families, we have developed expertise in understanding and presenting cases involving the most serious forms of personal injury. In all of the following areas, we have worked with an extensive array of medical, occupational and economic consultants to present the full impact of the injury to the responsible insurance company or to a jury.

Personal injury cases come in many forms and our attorneys have experience with:

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Our personal injury attorneys have witnessed and understand the distress that accompanies these afflictions and will go to great lengths to advocate on behalf of our clients. If you or a loved one have experienced undeserved trauma, please contact our experienced team at Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren, & Emery.

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